Is bark & bungalow for me? Let me answer this question with another: Do you have anywhere from 5 to 27 nick names for your dog? If so, we think you’re gonna fit in just fine!

Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered? Yes. All dogs over 7 months need to be spayed or neutered for doggie daycare, dog boarding and dog grooming.

What shot records do I need to provide? All dogs must be current on DHLPP, Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations.

Can I view my dog while I am at work or on my own vacation? Yes! You can do this directly from your customer portal with your login information via our web cams. Click Parents' Portal, above. Select existing customer and voila!  You can also bookmark the portal on your mobile device.

Can I book any services online to save me time at my first check-in? Yes! Click on the Parents' Portal tab above and choose existing or new customer. If dates or times are "blacked out", it means we are booked but feel free to contact us to see if we ave had any cancellations that haven't updated to the calendar. You will receive a confirmation via text/email that you're all set!

What does a typical vacation day look like? What doesn’t it look like?! Playing in the playground with other dogs and our specially, trained hosts. Dogs will be assigned to play groups based on size and temperament. Potty time will be provided in our 1,000 square foot, outdoor barkyard several times a dayand then siesta time for a couple of hours followed by more playtime! If you are renting a bungalow for the evening, dinner around 7ish, followed by potty time in the barkyard and then being tucked in around 8PM. All conveniently located in the Energy Corridor and near Memorial City.

Why do you do pre-screenings? Pre-screenings are interviews that check for compatibility with our cage-free environment. It is as important to you as it to us that bark& bungalow is an excellent choice for you and your dog. It is a 4 hour process and the cost is $20.00.  

When do I need to bring in my dog for boarding? All dogs will need to be dropped off by noon for that night's stay. Checkout will be by noon of the end of his or her vacation. If checkout is later than noon a full day of daycare will apply.

I have a dog who is not overly, playful, is there a place for him at bark & bungalow? Yup. In our Catskills Lounge. Quiet, and away from the more playful dogs. It’s a perfect area for our senior guests too. Our resident dog, Bradley will be spending a good amount of time there too when he’s not helping his Mommy file.

Can I have someone else in the family come pick up my dog? We request that you let us know in advance so we can add another family member’s contact info to our database if you haven't already in the Parents' Portal so we can safely check out with another member of the family.

How much does bark & bungalow charge for its vacation services? On each page you will find the fees that we charge. We were so confused on too many sites at what the costs were so we focused on "keeping it simple, Sister!" Our spa services for grooming are determined by several factors including breed so we ask that you call for a quote at XXXXXXXX or just pop in to see us to talk with our expert groomer!

I saw a dog at bark & bungalow named Bradley, can I have him? Unfortunately, no. Bradley is Pam's dog and she is very attached to him. Pam rescued Bradley at the age of 8 months and he is now 6 years old so it looks like a long term relationship. But since Bradley is here all of the time, please feel free to have your dog book a vacation and then he or she can hang with Brad for the duration. The cool thing is that he knows all of the ropes (and where all of the treats are)!


Will my dog learn a second language on vacation? OK, we loved this question. Well, some of us do speak a little Italian, Spanish, French and even Hebrew. So, yes, I suppose it is possible.


Puppy Dog Boarding and Puppy Dog Daycare

bark & bungalow welcomes puppies over 4 months old with accompanying veterinarian proof of current vaccinations and proof that they are Parvo and Giardia free.